Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

As a result of globalization, an increasingly mobile workforce, and falling barriers to trade, the transport and logistics industry is enjoying above-average growth. With growth comes significant changes and challenges, and businesses also risk facing an uncertain future, especially with changing governments, trade agreements, and regulations. In addition, many companies in the industry are struggling with fluctuating raw material prices and shrinking profit margins. Nowadays, it is important for transportation and logistics companies to work with professionals who can help maximize revenue and opportunities.

At Webtax Online, we help our clients grow and stay ahead of the competition. Our firm offers a wide range of insurance, audit, tax, business advisory, and accounting services to help companies in the transport and logistics industry make more informed business decisions. Our professional team of business advisors and accountants will provide you with the help you need to solve problems, seize opportunities and ensure a prosperous present and future.

We work closely with our clients to develop business strategies and tailor-made accounting solutions. With decades of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, Webtax Online is able to provide services that achieve goals and maximize business success.

Changing government regulations, technological advancements and tax issues are some of the challenges facing the transportation industry. Our shipping specialists help businesses support the efforts of manufacturers and distributors, such as shipping companies, logistics companies, bonded warehouses, as well as courier and delivery companies.

We provide cost-saving solutions to our conveyancing clients, including tax planning, due diligence, valuation, estate planning, due diligence, audits and audits, and fraud investigations. Our professionals are not only interested in providing the best possible service but are driven to see your business succeed.

Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

We run loops around the shot-holes

Make sure you take full advantage of shipping cancellations. Our returns are accurate, and time and save you money.
1. Tax strategy to maximize credit for trucking and trucking companies
2. Never speak directly to the CRA again
3. Check past returns to see if we can get you more money

Keep your drivers moving no matter where they are

Your drivers work hard for you. Make sure they get their commitment.
1. Accurate payment on time, every time
2. Deductions are paid and returned to the correct location, the first time
3. Employee registration for direct deposit

We will track your profits so you can see the dotted line

You focus on safety and regulations. We focus on keeping you organized to save you money.
Use the best accounting method to maximize your profits and set yourself up for success at tax time
Improve your cash flow to finance repairsor save on your equipment
Simple software that allows you to scan and upload receipts when you shop
Our dedicated team can help you with the following

Entity configuration

Company classification, company structure, document registration, payroll settings, structured planning for the future

Financial advice

Cost minimization, profit maximization, strategic investment, performance evaluation

Tax strategy

Maximize deductions and capital gains year after year with a team of CPA experts, albeit cross-border


Checking wages, and verifying invoices, all in accordance with the transport regulations


We process liabilities, receivables, bookkeeping, and budgeting


Manage the unique relationship between assets and liabilities in transportation

Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

The services you need

You need a company that knows all the details of transport and logistics, both local and cross-border. Everything from capital gains tax to investment strategy and expense reporting. We’ll cover it all so you can focus on your business.

1. Entity configuration
2. Company Formation
3. Entity Setup (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole Proprietorship)
4. Bank and real estate settlement
5. Mergers and acquisitions
6. Configure transaction tracking
7. Partnerships and agreements
8. Financial strategy
9. Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements
10. Revenue cycle management
11. Accounting and bookkeeping
12. Recommendations for income sharing and bonuses
13. Tax strategy, preparation, and filing
14. 24/7 support
15. CRA Rule Changes and Best Practices
16. Capital gains taxation strategy
17. Succession plans
18. Traffic review
19. Notice of Regulatory and Compliance Changes
20. Personal financial planning

We are your partner for business success!

Let Webtax Online be your trusted transport and logistics CPA and accounting partner. Because when you work with us, it’s not just about building a successful business, it’s about providing a lifestyle you can be proud of!

Why choose us?

We provide an extensive list of warehousing and transportation bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services to meet your needs and keep you profitable. We respond to the fact that transport/ warehousing businesses need to constantly monitor their spending; therefore, we efficiently manage accounts for resellers and provide them with weekly reports that allow them to monitor exactly where their money is going and plan ahead.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting services to Webtax Online can improve your warehousing and transportationbusiness processes, save you time and money, and help you grow your business. Our accounting specialists simplify general ledger and accounting tasks and recommend solutions that are ideal for your business.

Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services
Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

Accounting and consultancy services for transporters and warehousing facilities

No two days are the same. This is both the blessing and the curse of warehousing ownership. While this makes your job more fulfilling and exciting, it can also make it difficult to plan months and years ahead. A long list of factors can affect profits, from seasonal demand to commodity prices. Depending on the industry, there are countless regulations to watch out for and tax requirements to meet. Of course, this gets even more complicated if your business has a lot of moving parts.

At Webtax Online, we understand the unique needs of transporters and warehousing facilities. We work with physical and online warehousing and transporting companies relatingto the pharmaceutical, construction, food, liquor, medical equipment, and sporting goods sectors, to name a few. Our accountants and consultants are here to help you manage your business’s ever-changing needs and grow your bottom line in the long run.

Need help with t2 corporate tax returns? We can help file corporation tax for you.

Our accounting and advisory services for transport/ warehousing clients include:

1. Preparation of the tax return
2. Review, control, and compilation of financial statements
3. Agreed inventory procedures
4. Succession plans
5. Entity selection
6. Help with sales tax audits
7. Business Consulting
8. QuickBooks consultancy
9. Accounting

Autonomous Tax Preparation

Tax preparation for the self-employed in Canada can be a big deal for many people. That’s why we help you streamline your entire tax process!

Whether your receipts are neatly organized or your shopping bag is in your purse, we’ll help you understand all things tax related to your business. Running your business and day-to-day life is more than enough work for you. We prepare your taxes, answer your questions throughout the process, and offer follow-up assistance throughout the year.

Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services
Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

Corporate Income Tax

Regardless of the size of your business, we will ensure that your corporate income tax is fully prepared and filed. All of our T2 tax returns are verified by expert accountants who work exclusively with SMEs. This ensures that your tax returns are done accurately with the absolute minimum amount of tax owed. For added convenience, we also offer CRA Audit Shield insurance.

We also provide full support when dealing with CRA issues. Everything from preliminary checks to comprehensive corporate tax audits – we support you every step of the way.

Need help with t2 tax returns? Talk to us.

Financial Statements

Our compiled financial statements comply with the new CSRS 4200 standard required by Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants, which is the new standard to use when providing financial information about your business to third parties. Our financial statements are available for use by your banker, landlord, and other independent parties.

Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services
Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

Remote Tax Solutions

These days you may find yourself constantly on the go, worried about a pandemic, or just too busy to spend time on your taxes. We understand that people are busy, and we’ve built our core services to make your life easier. File online in your free time, anytime, anywhere at work, as long as you have access to the Internet, let your taxes be done by professionals without stress!

Pay slip

Paying your employees on time and correctly is a must if you want to maintain morale in your business. Furthermore, paying the correct amount of CPP, EI, and income tax is just as important to your business and its employees. We take care of comprehensive payroll deduction calculations and report generation so your business is free to focus on your customers and success.

Reduce costly time and wasted money trying to calculate payroll deductions yourself and let us do it for you. We take time records of your employees and provide you with information and weekly reports on your paycheck. So that you don’t lose money by overpaying for employee salaries or expensive benefits, we calculate the exact amount your company is obligated to pay based on the time records you provide us. We save you money by tailoring our services to your needs. If you don’t have time to email us your punch details, we’ll come and collect them. Or, if you have a computer and an Internet connection, we can set up a low-cost time tracking system to help you keep track of your employees’ working hours to make sure there’s no time theft or meetings with others. We can take care of all your payroll and employee time management needs.

We help you in the following ways:
• Tracking employee deductions
• Creation of annual T4 and employment records
• Management of employee information
• Generation of various reports
• Service tailored to your needs

Need help with t2 corporate tax returns? We can help file corporation tax for you.

Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

Professional Accounting

Our experts and professional accountants will be at your service to help you take care of every detail on a monthly or quarterly basis. You will ask your CPA account manager to review your accounting before submitting the final results. When you hire Webtax Online, you will no longer look for an accountant near me.

Online accounting services for your small business

We take care of the accounting for your business and give you plenty of time to focus on what you and your company do best. Our efficient and proven bookkeeping and accounting services process is made possible by phone app technology where you can take pictures of your receipts from your phone and of course online cloud accounting technology, which is QuickBooks Online.

Early Reporting

Thanks to the way we prepare and process your accounting, we can provide a breakdown of results in no time. As a result, you will be informed on how to scale your business. We pride ourselves on providing clear, customized reports tailored to your needs. Need help with t2 corporate tax returns? We can help file corporation tax for you.

Transportation and Warehousing Tax and Accounting Services

Corporate Taxes

Not sure how and when to file HST/GST? We file your tax return accurately and on time and will offer you the appropriate GST/HST, PST, and RST filing solutions as per your needs. Need help with t2 tax returns? Talk to us.

We also offer monthly packages which include internal monthly financial statements for management use only.

Our tax preparation services are aimed at hardworking people like you. That’s why our online business model works so well! We’ll work out your schedule to find the best time to prepare your taxes!

Our approach to your services means that tax preparation for your business is one less thing to worry about. Similar to rental property, self-employment taxes require much more attention and work. That’s why we’ve put together a list of common business expenses you should keep in mind as you prepare your business for your tax return.

You may have specific questions about your tax situation as a self-employed person, so we’re here for you! Need help with corporate income tax? Talk to us.

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