Lawyer tax and accounting services

Providing a complete and efficient accounting and financial solution for law firms

Providing a complete and efficient accounting and financial solution for law firms

Webtax Online provides comprehensive accounting services for law firms looking to grow their business. We provide reliable, accurate, and efficient accounting services for all types of law firms. We will relieve you of tedious bookkeeping and bookkeeping that drain your resources and find ways to save you on taxes. We work with attorneys and attorneys who handle cases of all sizes. From multi-partner law firms with significant staff to local sole proprietorships and start-ups, we offer an extensive list of financial management services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific firm. Our team of financial professionals pridesitself on providing personal attention, accuracy, and excellence in everything we do. When your law firm entrusts us with your accounting, accounting, and tax needs, you will be safe in the knowledge that a qualified accounting firm is overseeing your finances. We strive to take charge of your law firm’s basic accounting needs so that you can spend more time on billable hours and bring more revenue to your business.Let us help you with your lawyer’s corporate tax return.

Lawyer tax and accounting services
Lawyer tax and accounting services

Why are accounting services important for law firms?

Law firms face many things at once, and this too with a great level of understanding and knowledge. Every law firm needs two offices that work in tandem: a front office populated by talented lawyers who promote client goals and a back office populated by expert accountants who improve support services and reduce costs.

Law firms have undergone a paradigm shift with constant pressure to reduce costs and simplify business operations. When it comes to bookkeeping and bookkeeping for law firms, this is the most important side business that requires special attention. Like any other business, law firms need to maintain profitability because they are in the market for the long term and to carry out their bookkeeping and accounting for law firms are the best verticals to outsource.

How can we help?

Lawyers focus on an area of ​​specialization, be it general practice, family law, estate planning, real estate, etc. Therefore, as a lawyer or legal professional, you know that it is best to have an accounting team that specializes in services for lawyers as well.

As your legal practice grows, you’ve likely found that accounting activities are stealing billable hours from your practice. We have developed a niche in tax and accounting services for law firms. Let us help you with your lawyer’s corporate tax return.We are fully equipped to handle all of your law firm’s accounting obligations and provide the reliable financial data and advice you need to make smart business decisions for your firm. We will help keep your practice fiscally sound by offering growth strategies and concepts to increase your profits. Our unique and customized formula for the legal industry has been tried and tested for success.

We manage your law firm’s accounts so you can do more billable work. We help law firms operate more efficiently with comprehensive accounting services that provide insight into business functions.

Lawyer tax and accounting services

From knowing how law firms are run to how they are billed, the different types of compensation models used by law firms, and other common financial details, we have experience in your industry. Whether you need fully outsourced accounting, monthly reconciliation, reporting, or other services, count on us to provide expert information and financial representation.

As you prepare for court, we will prepare crystal-clear financial statements that will allow you to easily track business expenses and control costs. We will also create a comprehensive strategy to reduce your tax burden so you can see better numbers at the end of the year and create more value for your business. When financial questions arise, we are ready to answer your concerns with practical and reliable advice.

Slide: We will manage your books while you manage your law firm. Get in touch for lawyers bookkeeping services today.

We understand that you didn’t spend years in law school to become a chartered accountant. As a busy attorney or attorney, you have more important things to do than manage your books. Spend more time billing billable hours with customers and less time worrying about your numbers when working with Webtax Online accountants.

We offer a range of law firm accounting services for all legal specialties that will change the financial management of your law firm.

Our services include: 

  1. Accounting
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Preparation of final records
  4. Compiled budget and reporting
  5. Cash flow analysis, management, and budgeting
  6. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly overview
  7. Financial analysis
  8. Management reporting
  9. Payroll processing services
  1. Cleaning books
  2. Tax preparation services
  3. Tax planning strategy
  4. Consulting and setting up new businesses
  5. Support in judicial cases
  6. Mergers and acquisitions
  7. Forecast and budget
  8. CFO outsourcing services
  9. Aid for business loans

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Our main differences: the benefits of our accounting and tax services for law firms

We strive to take on the basic accounting needs of your law firm so that you can spend more time generating more revenue for your business. We adapt our services to the needs and objectives of each client.

Benefit from the experience of a team of accounting professionals

We already provide bookkeeping and accounting for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms, so you get professional benefits in addition to costs. Our experienced accountants have helped many local law firms.

Lawyer tax and accounting services
Lawyer tax and accounting services

Time and money saved for your law firm

As a leading outsourced accounting firm, our goal is to help you manage your bookkeeping and bookkeeping work so that you can focus on your valuable clients and legal work. Partnering with Webtax Online allows you to focus on navigating the best possible outcome for your clients, confident that your law firm is managing its finances efficiently, from payrolls to expenses and invoices. You’ll also avoid the frustration of trying to manage every aspect of your company’s operations, a choice that can lead to burnout and possible loss of revenue. Our team of tax professionals will also help you create a tax planning strategy that maximizes tax credits and deductions for your law firm. We can take care of lawyers’ tax savings.

We complete all our tasks on time and believe in a long-term relationship, so the quality of the service would not be a problem for you.

A scalable option for your law firm

As your business expands or shrinks, our accounting firm will be right there with you. We are your accounting firm that can adjust staffing requirements and manage resource management accordingly. We will make sure that your financial records are organized and that meaningful financial reports are available. We will help you develop growth strategies that will generate profit for your law firm.

Lawyer tax and accounting services

A holistic approach to your law firm's finances. Get in touch for lawyers bookkeeping services today.

A holistic approach to your law firm's finances. Get in touch for lawyers bookkeeping services today.

Lawyer tax and accounting services

We will be your single point of contact for your legal accounting needs.

Our accounting firm provides complete solutions to successfully manage the financial growth of your business. We provide a variety of services including tax preparation, QuickBooks services, bookkeeping services, bookkeeping, and virtual CFO services. By combining these areas of expertise into one service, our services have a synergistic effect on your legal practice.We can take care of lawyers’ tax savings.

Work with an accounting firm that cares about data security

Data breaches continue to negatively impact businesses and small law firms across Canada. We implement two-factor authentication (2FA) for login credentials and regularly engage cybersecurity experts to assess our company’s security status. We are committed to protecting the financial data our customers entrust to us.

Lawyer tax and accounting services
Lawyer tax and accounting services

Our promise in legal accounting services

When you partner with Webtax Online, we help you create a more profitable law firm. We recognize that law firms and attorneys have unique accounting requirements, and mastering an internal accounting regime can rob a valuable law firm’s time and effort. Consider your tax return an extension of your law firm and a company that genuinely cares about your success. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss how we help lawyers like you manage their businesses financially.We can take care of lawyers’ tax savings. Talk to an expert in lawyer’s small business taxes.

Law firm services

At Webtax Online, our law firm services teams provide the highest quality, auditing, tax, and advisory services to law firms and their partners.

Regardless of whether you are an individual practitioner, an expanding law firm, or an established law firm, it is necessary to distinguish between key issues such as inheritance; retaining partners, employees, and customers; market competition; customer requests for services and fees; greater attention to process improvement and cost reduction; regulatory changes that increase the complexity of tax planning and compliance; and the continuing effect of federal and provincial tax changes on individual partner tax planning.Talk to an expert in lawyer’s small business taxes.

Our nationwide law firm services experts specialize in helping law firms improve the efficiency and optimization of business decisions, as well as financial and tax reporting. We provide an overview of industry best practices for day-to-day financial challenges and long-term business planning.

Using a comprehensive and personalized approach, we also provide support in other critical business areas through our special service offerings. Thanks to our association with Webtax Online, we are also able to assist law firms internationally.

Lawyer tax and accounting services
Lawyer tax and accounting services

Maximize your savings

We provide expert accounting and bookkeeping advice to attorneys to maximize their savings and financial rewards. An effective method is to deduct specific legal fees. It is important to note that the following items are aggregated (meaning there may be several relevant deductions for your particular law firm). Here are some of the more commonly used deductions:

  1. Legal fees for tax advice or assistance
  2. Legal expenses related to the old-age allowance or pension benefit
  3. Legal expenses related to child support
  4. Legal fees for the collection of wages or salaries
  5. Legal fees related to the business

You need to make a case-by-case decision when considering deductibles, so it’s important to partner with experts like us to find out what’s truly deductible and how we can help you.Talk to an expert in lawyer’s small business taxes.

We provide legal accounting services


You know exactly where your money comes and goes. Understanding cash flow allows you to make better decisions.

Pay slip

Webtax Online offers software that simplifies and automates the payroll process. Hours are counted, taxes are paid, and deductions are safely removed.

Accounts payable

When you know where all your money is going, your business can thrive! Allow us, accountants of law firms, to provide a detailed picture of your company’s liabilities and expenses as they accrue.

Cloud accounting

At Webtax Online, we use the accounting cloud instead, which hosts data remotely and securely online. This allows lawyers to work much more efficiently by streamlining their business accounting systems and significantly reducing costs.

The corporation tax

Our way of processing corporate taxes reduces costs, headaches, and the amount of work required. Automation reduces our huge overhead and bill.

Tax planning

Webtax Online helps companies lower their effective tax rate by taking advantage of federal and provincial incentives that work in your favor at tax time. Let us help you with your lawyer’s corporate tax return.

Virtual CFO

Acquisitions, partnerships, privatizations, and restructuring require complex accounting. Webtax Online professionals have a deep understanding of law firm accounting, and our experience means you can make confident decisions during your transition.

System implementation

Webtax Online provides law firms with an experienced account manager who can assist with the entire legal accounting process. Depending on your needs, our account managers can schedule training and/or follow the law firm’s practices to ensure a smooth and seamless process from start to finish.

Lawyer tax and accounting services

The Webtax Online team has worked with a wide range of legal professionals, including individual professionals, multiple partnership firms (LLPs), and professional companies. Many attorneys face financial management challenges associated with large practices, specialized industry practices, insurance litigation practices struggling with business file cash flow issues that can take years to close, and immigration law professionals who also offer their services in foreign countries. Canada. Outsource the financial side and focus on what you do best for your clients, allowing us to handle your accounting, accounting, and tax matters in accordance with LSUC standards.

Our company is familiar with a variety of firm management software that interfaces with your financial reporting system, such as PC Law & Firm Central. We can help you set up beneficial tax planning for your law firm to ensure tax compliance while minimizing your tax liability.

We have assisted many Toronto clients with financial audits and LSUC practice management audits. We enjoy working with the entrepreneurial spirit that comes from small and medium-sized studios in the Toronto area. We are particularly proud of the value we can add to start-up legal practices that seek to grow their businesses organically.

Why outsource the accounting of a law firm?

Experience and Trust: We strive to offer you value without compromising the control you have over certain processes. We go up the value chain and always guarantee credibility. Managing the core functions of a law firm: When you leave your tax accounting job with us, you can focus on the areas of your practice that matter most – providing the best legal representation.

Improve Operations: Because our professional accountant has extensive tax and accounting know-how for law firms, you can increase operational efficiency when he works with us. Guaranteed security: You can always be sure that your customer records or data are in good hands. We have implemented strict internal security measures to ensure data protection.

Lawyer tax and accounting services
Lawyer tax and accounting services

Accounting services for attorneys in Toronto

When you hire Webtax Online for accounting, among other accounting services, your law firm will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. We will make sure that you are always compliant with the Law Society of Upper Canada
  2. avoid penalties or problems that threaten your reputation.
  3. We offer accurate and affordable accounting services
  4. Get transparent pricing to avoid surprises
  5. Access to a Chartered Accountant who has extensive work experience
  6. We provide customized reports for each company because we understand that you have unique needs

We know how important it is for a law firm to maintain clean and organized accounting. Webtax Online provides accounting services for law firms in Toronto. Unlike other accounting firms in Toronto, we have a professional accountant who will take care of all accounting and tax matters. All of our staff are actively involved in the accounting process to ensure that your statements are accurate.

Collaborate with a company that cares

Collaborate with a company that cares

At Webtax Online, we treat you as a friend, not just a file number. We know how important it is for your law firm to comply with regulatory authorities such as the CRA and the Treasury. That’s why the accountant who handles taxes, financial statements, or bookkeeping has experience working for law firms in Canada.

We are also able to provide accounting support and training based on customer needs. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss the services your law firm needs. We are ready to offer you reliable services at low prices.

Lawyer tax and accounting services
Lawyer tax and accounting services

Economical, accurate, and timely

Do you want to focus on growing your law firm? Partner with a reputable accounting firm that will provide you with fast, affordable, and accurate accounting services. We will ensure your business is CRA-compliant while focusing on growth and profitability. Our main goal is to provide you with low-cost accounting and tax return services so that you can run your law firm efficiently.

Making sure all your financial reports are accurate is important if you want to be in good standing with the Law Society. Become a partner and we’ll help you get financial information and insights to make critical business decisions. We have a proven accounting system for law firms.

Webtax Online provides accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services to lawyers. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly accounting services at a fixed rate. We also offer customized financial reports for your special needs so you can make a timely and correct business decision.

As we perform a humongous amount of accounting, tax, and law firm consulting assignments each year, we know what the Ontario Law Society requires to have a clean set of books. Unlike other bookkeeping and accounting firms, our knowledgeable and professional accounting staff are supervised directly by industry standards. This means that your reports are accurate and timely to make a well-informed critical business decision and remain in compliance with the Ontario Law Society.

Our accounting and bookkeeping services for lawyers are affordable, accurate, and timely. We will deal with CANADA REVENUE AGENCY (CRA) on your behalf so that you can stay focused on growing your business and being profitable. We specialize in creating an accounting system using PC Law and “QuickBook for law firms” at a very competitive price.


  1. Full cycle accounting
  2. General bank account reconciliation according to Ontario Law Society guidelines
  3. Reconciliation of all fiduciary bank accounts as per Ontario Law Society guidelines
  4. Reconciliation of all accounts and GL of fiduciary clients
  5. Reconciliation and maintenance of accounts payable (AP)
  6. Reconciliation and maintenance of accounts receivable (AR)
  7. GST / HST, PST, and WCB reporting
  8. Preparation of profit and loss accounts
  9. Preparation of financial, GL, and personalized reports
  10. Pay slips, employment register, and reporting T4
  11. Preparation of financial, GL, and personalized reports
  12. Comprehensive tax support for businesses, corporations, and personal taxes
  13. Financial data on compilation commitment (notice to reader).
  14. Revised budget
  15. Ontario Law Society Notice of Reader’s Financial Commitment
  16. Business plans and financial projections
  17. CRA, business, and personnel audit representation
  19. Stay in compliance with the Ontario Law Society
  20. Convenient, timely, and accurate accounting services
  21. Fixed-rate to avoid surprises
  22. Custom reports for your business
  23. Comply with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  24. Stay in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency

We support PCLaw, QuickBooks, Sage accounting, and many cloud-based online accounting packages provide accounting support and training

Webtax Online has the talent and in-depth knowledge to help you effectively and efficiently keep your business moving forward.

Lawyer tax and accounting services

Frequently asked questions

How can I increase the profitability of my law firm?

We know the internal mechanics of profitability and we know what it takes to consistently increase your profits. We recommend several techniques:

  1. Stick to your maximum and best use, and delegate the rest.
  2. Avoid non-billable work and track billable hours via (secure) digital timesheets.
  3. Load more with a specialization or sub specialization.
  4. Find more ways to implement technology – We work with secure, up-to-date technology to help you stay in control of your finances.

What are the main costs in the accounting of the law firm?

We have identified 5 expenses that most concern law firms:

  1. Court filing fees.
  2. Witness expenses.
  3. Laboratory expenses.
  4. Conservation costs.
  5. Cost of medical records.

Keep track of all these expenses and more through the proposed technology (above).

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting software is a simple solution for keeping up-to-date and secure records of your business finances. Cloud accounting software gives you access to all your financial records, no matter where you work. We only use cloud technology and further assist all our customers in transitioning to these secure and up-to-date systems.

Which accounting software should I use for my law firm?

Choosing the right accounting software can be important for the future of your finances. Software costs vary, and fortunately for most small to medium-sized law firms, choosing business software is usually a breeze. The best software for companies based in America and Canada is QuickBooks online and Clio. Depending on your specific needs, each of these software options will provide legal workflow processing, payroll processing, activity codes (ABA), and litigation management.

We recommend QuickBooks Online because it is a useful legal accounting software for lawyers, especially those in Canada. Automate many functions of cloud-based financial accounting by integrating with cloud software offerings used by lawyers. It also has the ability to provide accounting, legal billing, and reporting to law firms. Used by over 8,000 law firms, QuickBooks is the standard by which lawyers can keep their financial data safe and up to date.

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