Independent contractor tax and accounting services

Independent contractor tax and accounting services

It is important to understand what tax anIndependent contractor owes and what tax forms must be submitted to the CRA. As anIndependent contractor, you must prepare for tax season throughout the year by keeping detailed records of your income, expenses, and tax deductions.

The moment you start exchanging goods or services for money without an employer, the federal government of Canada treats you as a sole proprietor. This is where you must report all of your income and submit your taxes to the CRA. The income will be reported as part of your personal income on your personal tax return (T1).


As anIndependent contractor, your business income and personal income are the same. There is no separate income tax rate for the income you earn from your self-employment. In addition to income tax, the self-employed/ Independent contractor must also pay Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions and have the option of paying Employment Insurance (EI) contributions. So the sum of their tax liability would be income tax plus CPP and/or EI.

When you file your taxes as a self-employed/ Independent contractor, all of your business income will be treated as personal income and will be reported on your personal income tax return, for example, Form T2125 (business or profession statement) will be used to report all creditable activities costs. Finally, you need to know how much income you made from each client and overall, so you should expect to have T4A Slips from each client you worked with during the year.

If your business income exceeds $30,000, you must obtain an HST number and begin collecting HST on sales income. Once you get your HST number, the CRA will set you up with a payment schedule and you are required to submit the HST after you have made your input tax adjustment to the CRA.

Being a self-employed/ Independent contractor and running your own business requires a lot of effort and determination. At Web Tax Online, we take care of your personal taxes, and HST returns and also make it easy for you to keep your financial records properly. Web Tax Online has also equipped itself with many accounting software and online management tools.

You can put the accounting and tax burden on the shoulders of our authorized accountant. They will take care of your taxes and save your precious money that could have ended up in the pockets of the CRA.

Independent contractor tax and accounting services
Independent contractor tax and accounting services

What is Self-Employed in Canada?

Self-employed/ Independent contractor persons set their own conditions and decide how and when to perform the required work. You have no one to monitor your activities, you can work when and for whom you want, and you can provide your services to multiple payers at the same time.

Being a self-employed/ Independent contractor can also make it easier for those you work for. Because you’re not on their payroll, they don’t have to withhold taxes, pay EI and CPP contributions, or follow labor standards legislation.

All that freedom comes with risks. There is little or no job security when you are a contract employee. You have no guarantee of a steady income and could make a profit or suffer a loss. If you lose your job or are fired by the company that hired you, you will be without notice.


If you become unemployed, you won’t be able to collect EI because you haven’t paid.

Since the job is contracted, you don’t get benefits, sick pay, or vacation. Unless it was agreed in the contract. However, this is largely why independent contractors charge a higher rate than what employees pay.

Looking to get help withindependent contractor taxes in Canada?

We cater to all kinds of independent contractor taxes including project management taxes and network contractor taxes.

Tax credits for the self-employed/ Independent contractor

Filing taxes with the Canada Revenue Agency for employees is pretty simple. The employer deducts income tax, employment insurance, and other mandatory deductions from the salary, and a T4 is issued annually to support the individual filing of the tax return.

As a self-employed/ Independent contractor person, it’s up to you to track your income and deductions to calculate the taxes you owe to the Canada Revenue Agency each year.

On your T2125, list your business income and expenses you can incur to reduce your taxable income. These fees include, but are not limited to:

  1. Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation costs
  2. Bad loans
  3. Corporate advertising
  4. Depreciation (depreciation of capital costs)
  5. Equipment rental
  6. Dining and entertainment
  7. Office supplies, copying, printing
  8. Vehicle costs
  9. Supplies and tools
  10. Cost of working from home
  11. If your business is run primarily through a home office, you can deduct a percentage of your business-related expenses.


According to the Canada Revenue Agency, if your home office takes up 10% of your total floor space, you can deduct 10% of your home maintenance costs, including home insurance, utilities, and cleaning supplies. You can also apply for the depreciation of fixed assets.

You can claim this expense as a tax deduction if the workspace in your home is your main place of business, or if you only use the space for business income and regularly meet customers in the workspace.

There are also some tax credits you can claim. Read our blog to learn more about tax relief for small business owners.Looking to get help withindependent contractor taxes in Canada? Talk to us.

Independent contractor tax and accounting services
Independent contractor tax and accounting services

Tax accounting for IT consultants

Working with professional accounting firms in Canada is like working with consultants around the world. When considering consultants from real estate agents to marketers, we connect with our customers to provide them with the best possible service.



Working in the IT industry means constant development and rapid change. With extensive experience working with IT firms, Web tax online has developed its accounting and tax services to meet the specific industry needs of our IT clients.

We cater to all kinds of independent contractor taxes including project management taxes and network contractor taxes.

While many of the accounting and tax issues facing IT consultants are similar to other industries, there are certain areas that IT consultants and techies need to be well-versed in order to build and maintain credibility with investors and lenders while minimizing tax exposure. At Web tax online, we designed our accounting and tax services to do just that.Let’s get in touch and discuss your IT consultant taxes.

Independent contractor tax and accounting services
Independent contractor tax and accounting services


Accounting has always helped business decision-makers focus on financial return by considering certain key questions such as: Is the business creating value? Is it creating the value you envisioned? Does it use the fewest resources to create the most value?

IT consulting is no different in that it must address the above questions. However, its financial circuits differ from those of ordinary industrial-era companies. At the heart of technological change is disruption. So there is no set way to do things in the tech world. Thus, we cannot expect the understanding of financial management to remain fixed where technology and operations have undergone extensive transformations and where business models have shifted away from the assumption of industrial commercial endeavor.Let’s get in touch and discuss your IT consultant taxes.

IT consulting often moves quickly through the lifecycle from start to finish. An accounting firm that understands the business life cycle of an IT consultant and can solve both the immediate problems of today’s business and the broader picture in the long term can be a valuable business partner.



Whether your IT consultancy is an established and growing business, or you’re just starting out, Tax Filing can help. We are an independent accounting firm specializing in the IT and technology sector. Our broad range of knowledge and experience enables us to understand the challenges these modern industries face, develop ideas, gain traction and grow.

If you’re just starting out in the IT consulting business, you’ll need an experienced accountant and tax advisor by your side who understands the uniqueness your business brings to its market so you can plan for growth in the most efficient way. Web tax onlineprofessionals will help you get your finances in order, take advantage of available grants or tax initiatives, and generally advise you on potential pitfalls and opportunities as your business plan progresses. If needed, we will be there for the duration of your trip.

Independent contractor tax and accounting services

Established IT consulting firms typically face a variety of challenges, from how to grow or diversify to cash flow issues due to supply chain payment issues. As an established IT consultancy, your considerations for tax reporting and tax efficiency may also differ from other firms, particularly if your firm sells or sources overseas. These can be very complex areas. We are ready to help you.

At Web tax online, we understand that the growth of the IT consulting business is moving at a much faster pace. That’s why we ensure our clients have all the financial resources and business confidence they need to continue to innovate and evolve in such a competitive industry. You will be happy to know that we use innovative technologies to help you. Our online secure document portal provides you with real-time financial information that can be accessed from multiple devices anywhere in the world.We cater to all kinds of independent contractor taxes including project management taxes and network contractor taxes.


 We help and advice our IT and technology clients in areas such as:

  1. Personal, corporate, and international tax and compliance
  2. GST/HST (including overseas trading)
  3. Ways to attract and secure investment
  4. Job counseling for those who sell goods and services abroad
  5. Obtaining relevant and sufficient funds through grants and programs
  6. Business accounting services
  7. Strategic tax planning
  8. Tax filing
  9. Providing tax solutions
  10. Preparation of financial statements
  11. Business plan development
  12. Operational structuring
  13. Consulting services
  14. Business valuation services
  15. Management of payroll

We live by our values. They set us apart from other accountants!

All our services are designed to maximize revenue and optimize profit planning. Some of our services include tax minimization planning, operational structuring, outsourced accounting, and more. We work with all types of information technology companies, including IT hardware companies, software developers, Internet startups, telecommunications companies, e-commerce, and more.

We understand the importance of collaborative working relationships and are adept at supporting technology companies, no matter how big or small. From start-ups to established brands, our team of accountants and tax advisors offer our clients a truly tailored and personalized service at a fixed rate and with no hidden costs.

    Independent contractors and businesses Consulting Services in Toronto 

    Financial services for Independent contractors in Toronto

    As providers of Financial Services for Independent contractorsin Toronto we can help all sizes of businesses increase daily operational efficiency by streamlining processes and eliminating redundancies. WEB TAX ONLINE can focus on how companies can reach their cost and revenue targets, how to analyze budget vs actual results and how to improve their return on investment based on their current asset structure. Financial Business Consulting Services in Toronto also include other services such as helping businesses with forecasts and budgets, historical financial analysis, and comparing actual results with industry averages. Web Tax Online should be your numberone choice for business consulting services in Toronto or independent contractors in Toronto. 

    Financial services for Information Technology Independent contractors

    As providers of financialservices for IT consultants in Toronto, WEB TAX ONLINE ensures that your financial information is kept securely on your company servers and there are no issues with data leaks or IT information shrinkage. WEB TAX ONLINE will ensure that proper Accounting Information Systems exist within your organization. The current trend is to have Information Technology Systems on a CLOUD so that it will be accessible to all employees of the organization on a worldwide basis. WEB TAX ONLINE understands the importance of secure financial information technology systems in a company and should be your number-one choice for Financial Information Technology Business Consulting services in Toronto. Let’s get in touch and discuss your IT consultant taxes.

    Management services for Independent contractors in Toronto

    As a provider of management services for independent contractors in Toronto, WEB TAX ONLINE has worked with many of its existing clients to provide knowledge and reliable management business consulting services.We provide proper management business consulting services on skills required for a company’s finance and accounting department employees, vendor selection, and tax and accounting requirements to set up proper foreign offices. Web Tax Online should be your numberone choice for management business consulting services in Toronto or management independent contractors in Toronto.


     Payroll services for Independent contractors in Toronto

    As providers of Payroll services forIndependent contractors in Toronto, WEB TAX ONLINE will work with organizations to ensure that proper and timely payroll deductions are being made. Payroll is a large responsibility for most organizations and WEB TAX ONLINE will review your payroll to ensure that the proper CPP, EI, and Income Tax Deductions are being made for all employees of the organization.Failure to remit deductions or to report the correct amount may cause hefty penalties and interests by the CRA. Let Web Tax Online be your Payroll Human Resources Independent contractors in Toronto.

    There are many options for incorporation services in Toronto forindependent contractors in Toronto but if you are looking for a more professional, reliable, and efficient service then contact Web Tax Online now and we will take care of all your business consulting needs. We have a team of experienced and professional staff ready to help when you need it.

    Looking to get help withindependent contractor taxes in Canada? Talk to us. 

    Independent contractor tax and accounting services

    Why Web tax onlineindependent Contractor tax and accountancy services in Toronto

    Many consultants and service providers go independent for tax savings. They dream of writing off all their expenses, paying no taxes, and living the good life.

    While the potential tax savings for independent consultants are very real, there is also an additional compliance burden that many consultants neglect or take for granted.

    The good news is you can save thousands of dollars in taxes and keep the CRA happy at the same time. But you cannot do it on your own. You need an accounting firm that can advise on what to write off, how much income to report, and how to report it.

    That is where we can help. We help hundreds of independent consultants minimize their tax burden and put more money back in their pockets. We know what the CRA looks for and which deductions could get you into trouble. Our goal is to help you save as much money as possible without getting flagged for an audit.

    We will also help plan for your personal financial goals. Whether it is saving for retirement, building a college fund for the kids, or buying your next home — we look at the entire picture to ensure both your business and personal finances are taken care of.


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