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What is estate planning?

Estate accounting is quite different from real estate accounting. Estate planning is basically when you sit down with an estate accountant and you plan how all of your assets and finances will be handled after you die. The reason estate planning is so essential is that oftentimes a person’s estate is reduced significantly through taxes and fees if they do not plan appropriately beforehand.

Estate Planning Services

At WebTaxOnline we go the extra mile to ensure that your estate is passed on to your loved ones with minimum fees and other administrative costs.

Tax planning to minimize taxes on your estate
Will drafts and planning
Consultations regarding how to minimize estate fees
Tactics such as estate freeze and income splitting to ensure your family gets the maximum benefit.
Ensuring your loved ones have control over your assets

Our main goal is to guide you on the best route you can take to ensure that your assets are handled appropriately and that the amount your loved ones receive is not reduced significantly by fees and taxes. There are many plans and strategies our estate planning experts can implement in order to achieve this and the plan we go with really depends on your personal financial situation.

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Why do I need estate planning?

You never know what life is going to hit you with. Estate planning is extremely beneficial because it ensures that your loved ones, and those who you need to be taken care of, get your assets in the amount and the time that you wish for them to have it. Unfortunately, it is a very common scenario that individuals with significant estates pass away and they do not leave anyone behind to handle the assets on their behalf.

In these cases, there are usually a lot of misunderstandings amongst the family-and the government included- and the assets are not handled the way that their original owner would have intended them to be.

What are estate planning costs?

Just like any other service, estate planning is obviously not done for free. The cost of hiring an estate planning accountant can vary significantly depending on how large your estate is and how much work needs to be done. Call us at 289-752-1215 or send us an email to get a quote on how much your estate planning is going to cost.

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