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Do you own a business in Winnipeg?

If you own a business in Winnipeg then you definitely need to keep track of all of your Bookkeeping. Maintaining good bookkeeping basically means having a proper record of all of your financial records. This can be extraordinarily beneficial for you for many reasons.

First of all, if the CRA ever comes knocking and asking for verification of your income you will have all the paperwork on hand and won’t have to scurry around trying to get everything together. Also, when your bookkeeper does a good job you can easily view how well your business is doing and what is costing you the most as well as see where you are gaining most of your profit from.

A bookkeeper keeps track of your accounts payable and accounts receivable among many other things. Since these financial matters are pretty personal, you should hire someone you know you can trust completely.


What makes a good bookkeeper?

If you are looking for a good bookkeeper then you need to be able to see the following qualities in them:

  • They are experienced
  • They have the right education
  • They are consistent
  • They pay attention to detail
  • They have good communication

A bookkeeper has a very important job and the bigger your business is, the more work they have to do. You should make sure they know exactly what they are doing because your business finances are no matter to be taken lightly.

Experienced Bookkeepers

An experienced bookkeeper is necessary because like any other profession, the more years they have done their job the better they are at it. if you want to minimize the chances of your bookkeeper making a mistake you should definitely consider their years of experience and of course there education and training.

A good bookkeeper will also have the traits of being consistent and having an eye for detail. Once again, they have to handle all of your accounts payable and receivable and they need to be very good at distinguishing between the two as well as being consistent with their work.


Where can I find the right bookkeeper

The bookkeepers and professional accountant at WebTaxOnline both work together to make sure your financial records are in perfect order. We have had many clients come to us with messy bookkeeping which was ruined by either their own mistake or through a not-so-great previous bookkeeper.

Our accountants and bookkeepers can help sort out any mess and ensure you have the clean financial statement you deserve.


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If you are looking for high quality bookkeeping services for your small business in Canada and are also looking to minimize your bookkeeping costs for your small business then send us a message with your inquiry or call us today.

Reliable bookkeeper

Get a reliable bookkeeper

You can call us or send us a message today to immediately get your bookkeeping problems sorted out. Whether you are a new business, or whether you already have 10 years under your belt, our experienced bookkeepers and accountants will work together to fulfill all your bookkeeping needs.

Many firms do not value the importance of having collaboration between their bookkeepers and accountants. If you truly want to work with someone who understands your business inside out then rest assured the accountants at WebTaxOnline understand this completely.


You will not have to worry about your finances being passed around from one person to the other. We will assign one highly capable bookkeeper and accountant to handle your business so they can help your company grow through properly recording all of the business transactions along with all their other financial tasks.

When it comes to choosing your bookkeeper you have to keep many factors in mind to ensure you don’t end up with the wrong person.

It is vital that your bookkeeper has a lot of bookkeeping experience and they are not just starting out on their career path. This holds especially true for larger businesses and companies. the more transaction your business incurs, the more work your financial assisstant will have to do. If you want an experienced and reliable financial expert to take care of your bookkeeping, call us today.


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We don’t just guarantee the quality of our work, but we also promise highly competitive rates which will definitely be affordable for your business.

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