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What is incorporation in Canada?

Incorporating a new business in Toronto and Canada is the act of legally turning your company into an official registered corporation. Incorporating a new business in Ontario involves taking several steps, but it’s best done with help from knowledgeable accountants who can guide you along the way. The first step to incorporation is performing NUANS searches to determine if any names are taken by other businesses or already trademarked for certain products or services – this will save time on choosing something that cannot be used! If the name isn’t being used elsewhere then we move onto Phase 2: setting up our brand-new enterprise! You’ll need documentation like articles of incorporation which set out what sorts of things your company does as well as how many shares each

Should I incorporate my business?

Incorporating your business in Toronto, or any other province in Canada is a very smart move. The act of incorporation will save you from lawsuits and remove the liabilities your business may incur off of your shoulders. A corporation is a separate entity and this fact makes it responsible for its own debts. You can talk to an accountant at WebTaxOnline to see which benefits and tax deductions your company is eligible for and whether incorporation will benefit your specific business or not.

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How do I incorporate my business?

You can incorporate your business in person or online. Toronto incorporation online is a great way for you to get your company incorporated as fast as possible without any errors showing up. If you choose to go with a company name instead of a company number then it is required you submit a NUANS report to ensure no one else is using your company name. This step of incorporating in Ontario is very important. If you go forward with trying to register your new company without doing a proper name search then you are at legal risk of taking another company’s name. Incorporation can be done either federally or provincially. Federal incorporation will allow you to do business across all of Canada. Provincial incorporation will only give you allowance to operate your company in the province of your choice.

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