Ensuring that all tax-payers adhere to the tax deadline 2024 in Canada is extremely crucial. An individual may be required to pay their Canadian tax dues every three months if they owe more than CAD 3,000 in taxes in any of the previous two years. So that people don’t have to pay a large lump sum every year, the CRA is taking this measure. Every person has the same tax filing deadlines, which are as follows:

  1. March, 15
  2. june 15
  3. September 15th
  4. 15th December

Tips for a Smooth Tax Return in Canada

The following tips will help ensure a smooth tax filing process:

  1. Stay Organized: Taxpayers will save time and stress less if you keep all their receipts and tax paperwork organized.
  2. Use good tax software: Tax software can help you find credits and deductions you may have missed and also guide you through the process.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute: Taxpayers plan ahead because by starting early, they can ensure they have enough time to deal with any problems.
  4. Review your tax return: Before submitting your return, carefully check that it is correct. Mistakes can lead to delays and future penalties.
  5. Seek the help of a tax professional: If you are unsure about the Canadian tax filing process, tax deadlines 2024 in Canada or have a complicated financial situation, seeking professional help can be a smart investment.

We have attached the timetable for all tax deadlines 2024 in Canada all people involved in buying and selling of goods and services should know. Failure to comply with the deadline can result in monetary penalties.

Tax Deadline



January 2024


February 2024

Employer T4 Deadline

February 2024


March 2024

PIT Filing Deadline

May 2024

PTP Deadline

May 2024

SET Filing Deadline

June 2024

Bottom line

Even with the best of intentions, life can get busy and sometimes you may miss the April 30th deadline. In these situations, you can apply for an extension of your tax return in Canada; This usually gives you an extra six months to file your taxes. It is important to note that this Canadian tax extension only applies to the filing of your return; Pending taxes are not affected. The main lesson to take from this is not to put off filing your taxes.
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